The Best Faux Farmhouse Greenery

It has become popular to style coffee tables, bookshelves, kitchen and bathroom counters, and dining tables with greenery. And for good reason! A pot or vase full of greenery can add color, texture, and a fresh look to any room. I feel so at home in room with greens and flowers. It isn't always practical to pick up a fresh bundle of flowers or eucalyptus, though. And it gets expensive, too! Which is why faux greenery is becoming a common alternative. Luckily, faux greens aren't what they used to be! (Does anyone else cringe at the thought of a dusty, silk, ivy garland stuffed above kitchen cabinets?!) Faux greenery is made from a variety of materials now that look so real, you sometimes have to touch them to know they're artificial. Lemon Leaf Market specializes in designing and creating the highest-quality, faux greenery arrangements made from beautifully realistic materials. Scroll through to find the perfect farmhouse faux greenery arrangement to meet your unique styling needs!



1. Wispy Fern in a Rustic, Galvanized Tin

What could be a more darling accent to your farmhouse decor than a galvanized tin of wispy, delicate, faux fern? This design is perfect for a bathroom vanity, kitchen counter, or as part of a little coffee table vignette.

2. Boxwood and Berries in Galvanized Pots

These little cuties have become a Lemon Leaf Market staple. They're simple and versatile. Perfect for year-round styling!

3. Faux Herbs in Vintage, Enamel Pots

These faux herbs in vintage, enamel pots will add a touch of farmhouse charm to any kitchen. They're darling on a windowsill, and they don't require any watering or maintenance! 

4. Rosemary Topiary Tree

This little rosemary topiary tree in a stone pot is a unique decor accent for a powder room, mantel, kitchen windowsill, or any room in your home that needs a touch of greenery. (Or a bit of height!)

5. English Ivy in a Whitewashed, Clay Pail

The whitewashed, clay pail used for this design creates a a fresh, coastal feel. The English ivy is so lush and lifelike, you'll have to touch it to know it's faux!  

6. Kitchen Herbs in Galvanized Pots

Remarkably realistic, these faux herbs will add a fresh garden look to your home without any maintenance! Choose between rosemary, sage, mint, parsley, oregano, basil, or thyme. 

7. Silver Dollar Eucalyptus in a Wooden Crate

A whitewashed, wooden crate bursting with faux, silver dollar eucalyptus and berries in galvanized tins will add a subtle, rustic touch to your farmhouse decor. This design is a nice size for a centerpiece, coffee table, or larger shelf.

8. Blue Boxwood in Simple, Stone Pots

The soft colors in these little arrangements create a lovely and versatile look for year-round decor. Use a single pot for shelf styling or a grouping of two or three together as a centerpiece or as matching accents. 

9. Farmhouse Floral Arrangements

These darling, galvanized pots of mixed greenery and white flowers are full of texture and charm! 

10. Boxwood in Whitewashed, Clay Pails

Bursting with snips of lush boxwood, these arrangements in whitewashed pails freshen any bedroom, bathroom, or kitchen. Choose between a taller and shorter design to perfectly style your unique space!

11. Lambs Ear and Juniper Centerpiece

Don't you just love this ceramic pot? It has a delightful, vintage look that pairs beautifully with fuzzy, blue-green lambs ear and juniper with berries. This unique centerpiece makes a stunning addition to modern farmhouse decor. 

12. Small Ivy Plant in a Ceramic Pot

Simple and charming, this faux ivy plant is a versatile little accent piece for almost any room in your home! It's the perfect size for a kitchen windowsill or for styling shelves in a powder room, nursery, or bedroom. 

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