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This is the place you will find:

Wonderful pots of greenery and greenery wreaths
Delightful and on-trend decor tips when you want to add a touch of greenery to your home
Fun how-to videos and instructions for those of you who would love to make it yourself
A little of this and that, like an extra-amazing recipe or a can’t-help-but-share life experience

Oh, and by the way, I’m Brenda.

My grandbabies call me Lolly. I’m abundantly blessed with a kind husband, three adult kids and kids-in-law, and three precious little ones. I also have a lazy West Highland Terrier named Winifred.

Lemon Leaf Market

My love for flowers and design has grown over a lifetime

As a little girl I remember admiring my grandmother’s flower garden.

My grandparents were Nebraska farmers. Grandma never had much in terms of physical wealth or belongings, but she loved beauty. She would enter her garden-flower arrangements in the county fair and always won an award.

She was a busy farmer’s wife, singing in the kitchen while she peeled home-grown potatoes and fried up catfish Grandpa had caught in the crick. With all she had to do in a day she found time to enjoy her gift for gardening and arranging flowers.

Lemon Leaf Market

I can’t help but believe that Grandma’s love for all things floral was passed on to me.

While my life has been very different from Grandma’s, that same spark seems to be in my heart.  

I love to garden, decorate, and create, especially with flowers.

When I was a very young mom I designed a line of handmade, paper flowers. I would examine a flower and copy the components using a wrinkled, tissue-like, colored paper.  (Quirky, I know!)  I then became a designer at a flower shop, and I embarked upon formal training in special event floral design. My passion as a florist grew as I designed flowers for weddings and occasions.

Faux designs always piqued my interest, and I spent countless hours working with faux greenery and florals making custom pieces for homes and a design firm. At one point I designed several extravagant, over-the-top arrangements, which weren’t really my taste, but I learned a lot.

I like to watch the world of floral design, and I’ve seen a trend, especially in home decor. These days faux greenery is the star!

Just check out interior design photos and notice how most rooms boast a pot of greenery on a table or shelf or kitchen counter. And don’t you just love the simplicity of it?

And who isn’t drawn to feels-like-home decor styles like modern farmhouse, coastal, and boho? These styles are perfectly completed by a cute, little pot of greenery or a greenery wreath.  

The problem is, it’s not so easy to find quality pieces when you shop for faux greenery.

And so Lemon Leaf Market was born!

I envisioned and started Lemon Leaf Market in 2017. It is such a pleasure to design simple and unique greenery pieces and share them with the world. So, whether you are shopping for that perfect accent or would like to learn to make a design yourself, I hope you have found just what you need to complete your lovely space.

Lemon Leaf Market

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