Easy Directions for Stunning Winter Porch Pots

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Easy Directions for Stunning Winter Porch Pots

A pot filled with fresh evergreens by your front door is a welcome sight all winter long and especially at Christmas time. Your local green house and maybe even your grocery store sells them, but if you have the hankering, they really aren’t hard to do yourself. 

Here’s all you need:

  • A garden snippers
  • Heavy, gardening gloves (Yes, these are essential!)
  • An outdoor pot filled with dirt. I use my summer flower pots.
  • Any mix of evergreens like spruce tips, cedar, pine, juniper, and boxwood. Nurseries carry them this time of year. You can also find bundles of greens at home improvement stores.  Don’t skimp on the greens. It takes quite a bit.
  • Accent stems like preserved eucalyptus or magnolia. You can find these at craft stores like Hobby Lobby or Michaels.
  • Long narrow dowel(s) and hot glue (This is if you want to insert something that doesn’t have a stem.)
  • Finishing touches like large, plastic Christmas balls, pine cones, wooden signs, bells, stems of faux berries, or stems of faux greenery. Think outside the box. Most outdoor winter pots have just the standard stuff. The one I’ve done is finished off with a cute wooden truck I found in the Christmas décor section of Walmart. I hot-glued a stick to the back of the truck so I could secure it in the pot.

Getting Started...

Begin by laying out all of your greens to see what you have. Put some taller branches like spruce tips in the center of the pot pushing down into the dirt to stabilize. As you add more greens, the needles interweave and it becomes very secure. Now just add branches around the taller center branches continuing to push them into the dirt. You can mix up different kinds of evergreens or do them in layers. Say start with spruce tips, then add some pine around the spruce. Next add cedar around the pine and so on. Don’t place all the branches straight up and down. Begin to insert the stems at a bit of an angle slanting away from the center. When you get down to the rim of the pot, stick in some branches coming straight out or even hanging down a bit.

Now add accent pieces wherever you would like.

It really is that easy and so worth the time and effort!


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  • Thanks for this it’s beautiful. Do you need to water these during the winter as well?


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