Styling a Greenery Garland for a Special Event

Flowers just make a tablescape. Maybe you are having some friends or family over for a special dinner or holiday meal. If you are like me you grab a pack of flowers from the grocery store when you get the food. The bundles of fresh flowers look so promising all rubber-banded and wrapped in a plastic cone. Not to mention they are convenient; no need to make an extra stop.

But, here’s the deal. When you open the bundle and pull off the rubber band you realize you don’t exactly have the makings for a beautiful arrangement. There’re a few special flowers, but mostly filler flowers and very little greenery. You could cut the stems and put them in a shorter vase so they don’t block your guests view of each other, but the result is pretty ordinary. 

A wonderful alternative is to use a faux greenery base to turn your ordinary pack of flowers into a stunning centerpiece. The base I use is made of a pretty mix of greenery including silver dollar eucalyptus. Any greenery garland about 12 inches or longer will work as long as the garland is nice and full, and the faux greenery is realistic. The only other supply you need (besides your fresh flowers) is floral water picks or vials. Hobby Lobby carries them as does Amazon or any florist. You will need at least 12 picks depending on your arrangement size and how many flowers you have.

Faux Silver Dollar Eucalyptus Garland | Eucalyptus Garland DIY Styling | Eucalyptus Garland Hobby Lobby
Here’s how to do it:
  1. Cut all your flower stems to about 6 inches. Stems like daisies and spray roses will give you many separate flowers per stem.
  2. Fill all of your water vials and put the lids on.
  3. Put one or two flowers in each vial.
  4. Now you just randomly put the vials into the garland making sure each vial is tucked in under the greenery so the plastic is hidden.
The result is pretty every time! What’s not to love?  
DIY Seeded Eucalyptus Garland Centerpiece

And here are some fun ways to use a greenery base over and over again:

When you want a formal touch, choose flowers that suite the occasion like roses, hydrangea, lilies, ranunculus, or anything special and add some votives or taper candles for a finishing touch.

For a taste of whimsy, use bright colored flowers and add cute animal figurines to complete your tablescape.

For Christmas choose flowers that match your holiday décor and add pretty colored balls or other ornaments for a beautiful table vignette. 

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