How to Create a Stunning Candle Ring Centerpiece for Any Occasion

A candle ring greenery wreath is my new, favorite centerpiece. Okay, perhaps you are cringing and imagining a scrawny loop of dusty, silk flowers attached to a plastic ring and plopped over an olive green, pillar candle. I’m guessing this vision is not exactly what you have in mind when you’re looking for centerpiece options. No worries, I’m gonna break out of the “ugly candle ring” box and show you some updated and versatile candle centerpieces that will hopefully inspire you with ideas for entertaining and everyday table decor. 

Start with a greenery wreath

A small wreath made with faux greenery works beautifully as a centerpiece base. I prefer one that is full and large enough to make a statement. I have found that when looking specifically for a "candle ring," they tend to be smaller and less versatile. Instead, I like to use an actual wreath made with realistic faux greenery like boxwood, lambs ear, eucalyptus, or a mix of greens. The finished diameter can be as large as you like as long as the center opening is large enough to fit a candle hurricane (about 7-8 inches in diameter). I'm using a Lemon Leaf Market wreath made of English boxwood and two kinds of fern. It's about 20 inches in diameter. 

Lemon Leaf Market Candle Ring Greenery Wreath

Add a hurricane and pillar candle

These are my go-tos. I like to keep it simple. I think that taller candles make more of a statement for events. I found all of these at my local Target!

And put it all together

Now comes the fun part!

Greenery wreaths are wonderfully versatile. Anyone can create a holiday or special occasion centerpiece and the wreath serves as the perfect base. The greenery provides the structure for adding additional fresh or artificial flowers, foliage, and your own special touches. You can create a unique centerpiece in five minutes that is perfect for your event.

Here are a few ideas:


For a fall or Thanksgiving table, add berries, leaves, and ribbons to your greenery wreath. No need to attach them. The wreath accessories are simply placed inside the greenery. It’s so easy!

I’ve chosen some winter crab apples, faux maple leaves, and I attached some ribbon to floral picks. I used the same ribbon to tie around the napkins to complete the tablescape. These items are just options. Any fall berries, leaves, and ribbons will work. Cut the berries in pieces about 6-8 inches long and cut off each individual leaf. I used about 5 leaves and about 7 sprigs of crab apples.



To create a unique Christmas tablescape, I’ve added some faux pine greenery, pomegranates, and red ribbons. For an elegent look I’ve also added clear ornemant balls to the wreath and scattered next to it.

As you can see, the possibilities are endless!


For a spring centerpiece, I’ve used faux flowers including lavender, hydrangea, and blossoms. Any pretty spring florals would work.

This really is such a simple way to have a variety of unique centerpieces! All you need to enhance your candle ring wreath are some stems of seasonal florals, ribbons, ornaments, or whatever you have on hand. Here is a video demonstrating how I made my fall centerpiece:

One final idea. Adding fresh flowers to a greenery wreath like this one can be stunning. To make the flowers last longer, all you need are some flower stems cut short and placed in floral water vials like the ones pictured here. Tuck the flower-filled vials into the wreath. The wreath lifts the flowers and acts as a beautiful greenery base. 


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