Lemon Leaf Market

  • Cute and Easy Topiary Decor for Every Room

    Who doesn’t love a topiary? Faux topiaries make fun and easy décor accents, and Lemon Leaf Market topiaries look real without any work! Take a look at all the easy ways you can style these charming little trees. They are cute, cute, cute on a fireplace mantel, entry table, coffee table, kitchen counter, or any spot that needs a bit of greenery or a whimsical look.
  • Easy Directions for Stunning Winter Porch Pots

    A pot filled with fresh evergreens by your front door is a welcome sight all winter long and especially at Christmas time. Your local green house and maybe even your grocery store sells them, but if you have the hankering, they really aren’t hard to do yourself. Here's how!
  • The Best Faux Farmhouse Greenery

    A pot or vase full of greenery can add color, texture, and a fresh look to any room. It isn't always practical to pick up a fresh bundle of flowers or eucalyptus, though. And it gets expensive, too! Which is why faux greenery is becoming a common alternative. Lemon Leaf Market specializes in designing and creating the highest-quality, faux greenery arrangements made from beautifully realistic materials. Scroll through to find the perfect farmhouse faux greenery arrangement to meet your unique styling needs!
  • Simple Styling Ideas to Make Your Kitchen Charming, Bright, and Functional

    Kitchens are a challenge to style and decorate. I think it’s because so much of life happens in them. With the constant mess-cleanup cycles and the temptation to dump whatever comes in the door on the counter, our kitchens will just have some bad days. We all want our kitchen to be functional and efficient, but to also feel fresh and bright. Here are a few styling tricks I’ve tried recently that have helped me find this balance.
  • How to Create a Stunning Candle Ring Centerpiece for Any Occasion

    A candle ring greenery wreath is my new, favorite centerpiece. Perhaps you are cringing and imagining a scrawny loop of dusty, silk flowers and plopped over an olive green candle. I’m guessing this is not exactly what you have in mind when you’re looking for centerpiece options. I'm hoping to break out of the “ugly candle ring” box and show you some updated and versatile candle centerpieces that might inspire you with ideas for entertaining and everyday table decor.
  • Pretty as a Pumpkin – Thirteen of the Most Wonderful Fall Finds

    I like to decorate my home for seasons with just a few simple changes. Nothing fussy or time-consuming. Sometimes I buy a couple new things and sometimes I use stuff I already have. I’ve been on the hunt for simple and pretty fall décor items. Many aren’t just for fall, but when combined with a pumpkin or other fall item, the look is perfect. I think you will like these fall décor delights. Enjoy!
  • Styling a Greenery Garland for a Special Event

    I love to have versatile decor pieces on hand that can be used for multiple purposes and events. One of my favorite items to use right now is a faux greenery base that can easily be turned into a fresh arrangement. I'll show you how I use grocery store flowers, a $5 pack of water vials from Hobby Lobby, and a faux silver dollar eucalyptus garland to create a stunning centerpiece for a special event in ten minutes. 



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